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Would you like to see one of your reviews on Review Central? We except reviews of all types. Anything you want to talk about, we will add it, even Adult Products! YOU can become an author at Review Central! If you are interested in posting reviews here please inquire with

All users who would like to be an author at Review Central must accept an invite to join WordPress prior to being added as an author. If you prefer not to be an author you can still submit reviews to *please do not send links via twitter, forward all submissions to the email address provided.

Guidelines– Please keep in mind that all reviews should use good grammar skills and overall critique of a product. Reviews that require a lot of editing may be sent back to the submitter for revision or it could be declined.  Review Central will accept up to 5 reviews per author weekly. This can be updated at anytime so please check back frequently. Recent updates are always in bold.

Why post with Review Central- To let others hear your opinion and spread the word. Whether you are posting a review that has been published elsewhere or submitting a brand new review, Review Central will work for you. Review Central does all the posting for you and gets the word out there. Review Central spends time tweeting about your reviews, sharing, and blogging. We also always link directly back to your profiles/blogs/sites to get you more followers offering  more traffic and readers to you.

Fresh Reviews– A new review that has not been posted anywhere else. It will be linked directly back to Review Central. The review will be posted for the first time on Review Central and the sender will be provided with the link to use for submitting reviews to companies that sponsor the product.

Spotlight Reviews – A review that has been published elsewhere, such as on the website where it can be purchased. Please submit a link directly to the review, not your blog/site unless your blog/site is the only place it is posted.


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