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Dreamgirl Intimate Affair Chemise and Thong

Originally Published on October 26th, 2010 at This, That, and Myself.

Author: Amanda


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If shopping for clothing and lingerie you should check out the Dreamgirl Intimate Affair Black Chemise and Thong at You will get an lingerie piece for only $25 that is sexy enough for the bedroom but elegant enough to wear around.

The Dreamgirl Intimate Affair Black Chemise and Thong is made of Microfiber and features a plunging neck line and knee length chemise detailed with back embroidery and matching thong. Available as One size fits most.
I personally love Dreamgirl products and fell in love with this one as soon as I laid eyes on it at the sex toys
shop It is affordable, elegant, and made of Microfiber that is easy to clean. Oh and it’s sleek black which is sexier than ever!

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Sexy Goth Vampire Costume

Image via Missy

Originally Published at Misfit Momma After Hours: August 21st, 2010

Author: Missy

I was really impressed with the quality of the costume. Instead of a thin, flimsy material like other costumes I have checked out in the past this one is made out of a strong cotton like regular clothing. The tag labels it as 98.5% cotton and 1.5% spandex, to me it feels like canvas or a light denim and has very little stretch. It has a zipper on one side that runs from 4″ from the bottom of the dress all the way up to the top. It has pretty good breast coverage, but not a lot of support. I have B-Cups and am going to have to say the Large will fit better on someone with C’s, which seems to be pretty typical in “size large” items.
The collar is fastened on with Velcro, which at first led me to believe that it could be worn without using it, but with the collar removed you are left with two soft Velcro pieces that won’t stick together. Without the collar the straps are also not long enough to function as a strap. You could probably modify the costume with a bit of fabric and Velcro quite easily though, if you wanted to wear
it without the collar. This is what I plan to do personally, as the collar looks a little silly to me and seemed to want to fall down and lay flat on my back rather than stand up like in the photo. It has plastic ribbing inside that helps keep it’s shape.

Sunglass Warehouse Review and Giveaway

Image via Missy

Name of Person doing Giveaway/Contest: Misfit Momma aka Missy

Date it began:September 2nd

Deadline: September 23

Mandatory Entry: Choose your favorite pair of sunglasses

Any Guidelines or Requirements: Canada/US

Review Snip: Well, my glasses came in the mail and I immediately ripped them out of the little plastic bag they came packaged in and tried them on. Before looking in the mirror, I asked my husband how they looked and he said “They Look Ok..” Usually when he says that, it’s his nice way of saying they don’t look Ok. I said Well, they were under the mens glasses category..I guess you can have them if they don’t look good on me. Each pair of glasses on the site includes the measurements and since these ones measured the same, and even smaller than some of the womens I thought they would be able to pass as womens.

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Baby Wit

Image via Missy

You May Not Be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be

Originally Published at Misfit Momma: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Author: Misfit Momma aka Missy

I really love this store! Pink and frilly is cute, but Baby Wit has so many cool baby clothes that I couldn’t resist inquiring about posting a review on my blog. For this review I picked out a pink Drool Kitty shirt in size 2. The design didn’t fade in the wash, and the shirt didn’t shrink. The shirt is a nice soft 100% cotton and is made by American Apparel. All of the designs under their design your own pages can be printed on a t-shirt ,a dress, or even a skirt!

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