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RC Round Up #1

Image via Eden Fantasys

Tantra Feather Teaser

Flavor for Lovers – Amanda “Hot and Sexy Warming Lubricants for Lovers is a 5 pack of lubricants that add more sensitivity and taste to oral pleasure. Try all 5 flavors: Hot Vanilla, Hot Cinnamon, Hot Strawberry, Hot Cherry, and Hot Watermelon. Turn ordinary oral sex into a whole new pleasure! Contains Glycerin.”

CoD Black Ops: Hardline Pro Killstreak Reward Exploit- by Jamie Pert “If you have been playing the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops you will know that unlocking pro versions of perks can be a hard task, we are now hearing of a way in which people are abusing the Hardline Pro.”

Tease, Tickle, Tempt- by Carrie Ann “The Tantra Feather Teaser is, in a word, wonderful. No cheap feather on a stick this one. The Tantra is well made, the feathers attached firmly in the acrylic and metal handle. Feathers are soft as an angel’s wings and feel incredible brushed along the jaw, the lips, the cheek, the crook of a neck – anywhere that sensitive to a light, teasing touch.”

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My Pleaser Video Review- by Research


Dreamgirl Intimate Affair Chemise and Thong

Originally Published on October 26th, 2010 at This, That, and Myself.

Author: Amanda


Image via

If shopping for clothing and lingerie you should check out the Dreamgirl Intimate Affair Black Chemise and Thong at You will get an lingerie piece for only $25 that is sexy enough for the bedroom but elegant enough to wear around.

The Dreamgirl Intimate Affair Black Chemise and Thong is made of Microfiber and features a plunging neck line and knee length chemise detailed with back embroidery and matching thong. Available as One size fits most.
I personally love Dreamgirl products and fell in love with this one as soon as I laid eyes on it at the sex toys
shop It is affordable, elegant, and made of Microfiber that is easy to clean. Oh and it’s sleek black which is sexier than ever!

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Le Reve Bullet

Originally Published at TarynsView: September 2nd, 2010

Author: Taryn

Image via Taryn

The Le Reve Bullet is a small, discreet, waterproof, multi-speed bullet vibe. While it is designed for clitoral stimulation don’t let that stop you from exploring other erogenous zones such as nipples, testis, perineum or any other area that heightens your state of arousal.

It is made of a hard shiny ABS plastic which is completely body-safe as it’s non-porous, hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free. It won’t absorb any bacteria and since it’s made of ABS you can use any lube your little heart desires!

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Boss Cock’s Pleasure Ring

Please welcome Sex&Coffee as an author at Review Central. This is his first published review and very first review spotlight at Review Central! Welcome aboard.

Boss Cock’s Wife stimulating, ball crushing, ring of torture

Originally Published at Eden Fantasys: August 31, 2010
Author: Sex&Coffee
Rated: extremely useful review
The price is right if your lady likes to add some vibrations to the mix, but I would not recommend anyone try using this ring on both the cock and balls unless pain is your thing.
Pros: low priced, waterproof, quiet, decent vibrations
Cons: Too tight for some, Can’t be sterilized, catches lint

Heart 2 Heart

Originally Published at Misfit Momma

Author: Missy

Heart 2 Heart Cuffs: Published August 19th, 2010

They are 2 3/8″ wide, which is only a tiny bit bigger than other cuffs that I own, but since these are leather and not very flexible they seem a bit big on my wrists. The cuffs fasten with a metal buckle and have 7 holes, half an inch apart. They should be able to comfortably fit on wrists from 5″-8″ around. My wrists are 6″ around and on the third smallest hole they are still a little loose on me, but not loose enough for me to escape.

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Heart 2 Heart Whip: Published August 18th, 2010

The wooden handle is six inches long and the black leather is decorated with the same cute hearts as the Blindfold. It is 1″ thick and fits very comfortably in both my husbands and my own hand. There is an attached D ring at the end of the handle which I have been using to hang the whip on my wall above my bed, but it could also be used to attach a wrist strap or hook on to whatever BDSM outfit that happens to have a place to clip it to.

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Heart 2 Heart Blindfold: Published August 17th, 2010

The Heart 2 Heart Blindfold is made out of high quality leather and the inside is lined with a soft suede. They are thin, flexible, and adorned with the cutest red hearts across the top with red stitching around the edges. Like many other blindfolds, they are held on by an elastic that goes around the back of your head. I had a wonderful father from whom passed the gene on to me which gave me a “big head” and this elastic is pretty tight on me. Not quite so tight that I can’t use it at all, but after a while it does start feeling too tight and I needed to take it off before it gave me a headache. Since I’m a woman, a man with a big head might have even more problems with this.

Sexy Goth Vampire Costume

Image via Missy

Originally Published at Misfit Momma After Hours: August 21st, 2010

Author: Missy

I was really impressed with the quality of the costume. Instead of a thin, flimsy material like other costumes I have checked out in the past this one is made out of a strong cotton like regular clothing. The tag labels it as 98.5% cotton and 1.5% spandex, to me it feels like canvas or a light denim and has very little stretch. It has a zipper on one side that runs from 4″ from the bottom of the dress all the way up to the top. It has pretty good breast coverage, but not a lot of support. I have B-Cups and am going to have to say the Large will fit better on someone with C’s, which seems to be pretty typical in “size large” items.
The collar is fastened on with Velcro, which at first led me to believe that it could be worn without using it, but with the collar removed you are left with two soft Velcro pieces that won’t stick together. Without the collar the straps are also not long enough to function as a strap. You could probably modify the costume with a bit of fabric and Velcro quite easily though, if you wanted to wear
it without the collar. This is what I plan to do personally, as the collar looks a little silly to me and seemed to want to fall down and lay flat on my back rather than stand up like in the photo. It has plastic ribbing inside that helps keep it’s shape.

Under the Bed Restraints

Image via Missy

Originally Published at Misfit Momma After Hours: August 24th, 2010

Author: Missy

The cuffs are 15″ long in total, and 10″ long for just the cuff. They are 2″ wide are made from a very soft fabric. They feel especially nice against the skin and have held up to all the pulling and struggling that I gave them. The buckles hold their position when pulled on, and you can remove the cuffs and attach any cuffs you like onto the tethers. The Velcro holds strong and they are big enough that they should fit ankles and wrists of many sizes.

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Blue Venus Vibrator

Image via Good Vibrations

Originally Published at Autumn Rain: August 29th, 2010

It has a lot going on for it!  It is waterproof and it is a clit stimulating vibrator. Personally, I have a lot of problems getting satisfaction unless I have that kind of stimulation, so that is something that is important to me when i’m hunting for a toy! The waterproof aspect is also nice because every now and again it is nice to take a nice relaxing bath and have some extra fun!

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Good Time Vibe

Image via Eden Fantasys

Good Time? I think not!

Originally Published at Eden Fantasys Sex Toys: August 24, 2010
Author: Sexy Shan
Rated: extremely useful review

It has a very flexible, veined, squishy texture that feels nice. Large size for that “full” feeling. It’s not waterproof like it says. The arm would not reach my clitoris. It is made of jelly material, so it can’t be shared without condom use and is difficult to clean.

Pros: Filling size, pleasing texture, flexible, pretty strong vibrations
Cons: Not waterproof, did not reach the clitoris, cannot be shared without condom use

Fairy Baby Wand

Fairy Baby, How I Love Thee!

Originally Published at Eden Fantasys Sex Toys: August 31, 2010
Rated: an extremely useful review

Image via Eden Fantasys

The Fairy Baby can rival any discreet vibe out there! It is cute, speedy, and has multiple uses. It could be a real conversation piece as well! If you are looking for a vibe that is unique and really works the Fairy Baby is for you!