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Wii ThinkSMART Family Review

Review originially posted at autumn-rain

September 19 2010

I recently had the chance to review a wii game Wii thinksmart Family, and I was all kinds of excited about getting to review it.I am one of those girls who always does seem to come off kind of ditzy around others, so I thought this could be my chance to show off my smarts & improve them!

You might remember David & I had a wii, sold it to my grandma for my cousin (because my bro in law crashed my computer and we needed money for a new one)and then my grandma gave us the wii back this year!

I hardly ever get any time to play on our wii, because david is always playing guitar hero or some kind of racing something. The only game I really have is wii fit, and we all know how well I have done with that !(not at Or other than that he’s hogging up the t.v. with football *yawn* or the xbox 360. I only get the chance to play in the late evenings or during the day when I am caught up on things!

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Babeland Bodykit Review

courtesy of

Review Originially Posted At Autumn-Rain

September 23 2010

After reviewing quite a few sex toys ,mostly vibrators, I was excited when I got to pick the Babeland Body Kit for Review(It actually comes with a vibrator too, lol)

The Babeland body kit came in the cutest little plastic jar with a lid (with the babeland logo!).
Included in the kit are babeland body products including massage oil, lickable oil, massage bar, bath fizzy, babelight vibe, massage candle, condoms, and even matches. It is quite the complete package! The babeland products are handmade in California and made of all natural, primarily organic ingredients.

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Duncan Hines Cakes & Glazes Review

image courtesy of nichole (autumn-rain)

Review Originally Published September 23 2010 at Autumn-Rain

*I LOVE cake, and I have always liked to bake cakes. When I was in 5th grade, sometimes, on fridays if we had enough good behavior points, we got to go to the kitchen and bake them! It was fun to have a group of your friends and get to be out of class and bake a cake.

*I know that people generally like what I bake, when I do end up baking something. One time we had relatives show up unexpectedly and i had just baked a cake. Now every time they come down they want me to make one. I have told that my cakes turn out exceptionally moist! I guess I have to believe that, since I have been told that by more than one person!

*I recently got the opportunity to review some new products from Duncan Hines! I got the opportunity to review their line of DECADENT CAKES & AMAZING GLAZES!

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Csn Stores Product Review

Originally Published at Autumn-Rain on September 23 2010

photo courtesy of nichole (autumn-rain) yup tha's my baby sampson (sam)

You might remember a week or so ago I posted that I was going to get to review another item from csn stores?! I finally picked something, and got it via UPS yesterday evening. What did I end up getting? I got Sam another scratch post(cat scratcher)! Here is a link to the particular cat scratcher that I chose for him. I was really happy that I ordered it Friday, and I received it Wednesday of this week. (It didn’t ship till Monday, and I even had to change the address before it could be shipped, so very quick indeed!) It also was on clearance and had free shipping!

Sam inherited his scratch post from Shadow. We bought it for shadow for Christmas of 2007!! When we moved in with mom, I was going to put it in the yardsale, but when Shadow came back from being gone(when he stayed gone for 3 days when we first took him there) he went straight to it! I decided to keep it, and he continued to have loads of fun with it .Mom even tried to repair it with staples (eek) and some hot glue……………….

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EcoStore USA Review

courtesy of nichole (autumn-rain)

Originally Posted At Autumn-Rain On September 21 2010

I recently got the chance to review some ECOSTORE USA Eco Friendly Products. They are originally based in New Zealand. Their Motto is “No Nasty Chemicals”

Their eco friendly products are made of all natural plant based ingredients. I am telling you the things that you read on the bottle are things you can pronounce, and most of them you have probably heard of at some point in your life! Kind of a nice change from words 5 miles long & you have no clue what are!

Their products are concentrated like whoa, so even though you might think that $9 for the all purpose spray is alot or $8 is too much to spend on toilet cleaner, it really isn’t. I advise that you check out this page to learn more about why this is true! I also advise you keep them away from people like my husband who tend to go overboard with how much they use!

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Review:Python Printables Halloween Party Games Pack

courtesy python printable games

Review OriginallyPosted On Autumn-Rain on Sept 19 2010

Everyone knows Fall is my favorite season of the year. For so many reasons! The weather cools down, the leaves change. You have Halloween & Thanksgiving! What isn’t to like? I even chose the fancy pants name for fall “Autumn” as part of my sites name. I also tend to sleep better because the time changes and get more done in my day!

As far as Halloween goes, I was never able to participate when I was younger, because of my parents being “churchy” so to speak. Halloween was the devils day, and that was that. I never got to dress up or go trick or treating. It really sucked. As I got older, they quit going to church, but that was the one holiday they never got on board with.

Since David & I have gotten together, I have got to actually celebrate it somewhat! Last year was the first year we actually went out and did something! I think we went to 2 Halloween parties, and then on Halloween we went to the pool hall. I was going to dress up, but didn’t! I definitely will be this year though! I can’t wait. I just wish I looked young enough to go trick or treating!

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Pink Digital Keychain Review

Review Originally Posted At Autumn-Rain On September 8th 2010

image via

I have wanted a digital photo keychain for quite some time. I mean they are relatively inexpensive, easy to find and a cute idea. I carried one around in target on black Friday last year and ended up not making it home with it!

The main reason I have been wanting one is because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out somewhere and saw someone I haven’t saw in forever, and get to talking and they start asking you about your wedding pics. I never did throw any into a tiny album to carry in my purse, even though I meant to several times. Plus they want to see shadow or duke or Sam..etc… Read the full review

Blue Venus Vibrator

Image via Good Vibrations

Originally Published at Autumn Rain: August 29th, 2010

It has a lot going on for it!  It is waterproof and it is a clit stimulating vibrator. Personally, I have a lot of problems getting satisfaction unless I have that kind of stimulation, so that is something that is important to me when i’m hunting for a toy! The waterproof aspect is also nice because every now and again it is nice to take a nice relaxing bath and have some extra fun!

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Chloraseptic Review

Image via Chloraseptic

Originally Published at Autumn Rain: September 2nd, 2010

Chloraseptic Max sore throat in Wild Berries flavor. It is for maximum sore throat relief, cools your nasal passages and is fast acting. Tasted nice, no sensitivity to my teeth(I’m weird I know lol) and worked like a charm.

Chloraseptic Sore Throat in Green Tea and honey. I was a little skeptical about the flavor of this one but wow it tasted so natural and calming! I really liked it!

Sugar Free Chloraseptic Total Multi Symptom Relief in Wild Cherry. To be sugar free this one was awesome. It was more to help with the suppressing of coughing! It works up to 4 hours. I really thought it was awesome to be sugar free, and I was telling my grandma who has diabetes about it, and now she wants to try!

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Lust Dust

Originally Published at Autumn Rain: Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

When I saw the Chocolate Strawberry Lust Dust for review, I knew it would be something interesting and exciting for me to review!

Image via Good Vibrations

Lust Dust is available in 2 different flavors: the chocolate strawberry as I mentioned, but also in honey vanilla!

It comes in a little plastic tub and includes 0,7 ounces of edible dust. It is made with Cornstarch, Sucrose, Flavor I like that it has simple ingredients .. nothing to off the wall and crazy. Especially since I have allergies like no ones business! It even has a little POOF! I swear that was the cutest thing ever! It really helped with spreading around the dust as well

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