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EcoStore USA Review

courtesy of nichole (autumn-rain)

Originally Posted At Autumn-Rain On September 21 2010

I recently got the chance to review some ECOSTORE USA Eco Friendly Products. They are originally based in New Zealand. Their Motto is “No Nasty Chemicals”

Their eco friendly products are made of all natural plant based ingredients. I am telling you the things that you read on the bottle are things you can pronounce, and most of them you have probably heard of at some point in your life! Kind of a nice change from words 5 miles long & you have no clue what are!

Their products are concentrated like whoa, so even though you might think that $9 for the all purpose spray is alot or $8 is too much to spend on toilet cleaner, it really isn’t. I advise that you check out this page to learn more about why this is true! I also advise you keep them away from people like my husband who tend to go overboard with how much they use!

Read the full review here


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