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Amanda- Administrator/Editor Review Central

Thank you all so much for pairing up with Review Central to publish reviews and giveaways. Our goal is to have a variety of authors submitting at least 25 reviews/giveaways weekly and up to 5 daily posts Monday thru Friday. This week we came very close at 17 submissions. Review Central is growing fast!

We have decided to implement Incentives Monthly from this point on. If you haven’t read already September Incentives is published. We are giving away 4 items so if you are submitting reviews during September, you are automatically entered.

Please take the time to look at our Review Submission Page. We have made one small change. We do not want to over post at Review Central and so we have made a small change. Authors submitting reviews will only be allowed to submit up to 5 reviews weekly now. So, up to 5 reviews in a 7 day period. This is to control daily content and keep an average amount of material running through. We do not want to over post and then put your review in the position to be overlooked. If there are any exceptions we will keep you posted. Some exceptions will be made if you have a new review that you would like published immediately or a fresh review that has not been published anywhere else.

We hope that you are enjoying submitting your content with Review Central. We currently have two editors, one being myself, working hard to get your reviews seen all over the internet. We use resources such as yahoo, msn, Facebook, twitter, MySpace, etc. Hopefully you have or will notice a change in your site statistics with traffic coming from Review Central.

We are always open to suggestions, ideas, comments, or concerns. Please feel welcome to post comments anywhere on site or contact Tommy or myself at


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