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Sunglass Warehouse Review and Giveaway

Image via Missy

Name of Person doing Giveaway/Contest: Misfit Momma aka Missy

Date it began:September 2nd

Deadline: September 23

Mandatory Entry: Choose your favorite pair of sunglasses

Any Guidelines or Requirements: Canada/US

Review Snip: Well, my glasses came in the mail and I immediately ripped them out of the little plastic bag they came packaged in and tried them on. Before looking in the mirror, I asked my husband how they looked and he said “They Look Ok..” Usually when he says that, it’s his nice way of saying they don’t look Ok. I said Well, they were under the mens glasses category..I guess you can have them if they don’t look good on me. Each pair of glasses on the site includes the measurements and since these ones measured the same, and even smaller than some of the womens I thought they would be able to pass as womens.

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