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Our New Home

We decided to move Review Central from Blogger to WordPress. We took a good look at the features and decided to move here. This is the new home to Review Central. We now have a cleaner look and the option to have multiple authors, editors, and contributors at Review Central. If you have submitted a review to Review Central- you should have received an email updating you on the move.  Also we have invited you to create a WordPress account, if you have one already we added you as an author.

As an Author at Review Central you can post reviews yourself! As many as you like! Please always remember to include links to the original review if it has already been published, a photo of the product you are reviewing, and you are always welcome to add links to your twitter, blog, site, accounts, etc that you would like to share. Review Central is here for you and your writing.

If for some reason you do not want to be listed as an Author on Review Central, but still want your reviews published; we understand. We will do the work for you! Continue sending your review submissions to

Thanks so much for reading this update and we hope to continue publishing at Review Central.


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