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Amanda reviews the Slim Squirmy

So what’s it like and why is it different? Most rotating toys also vibrate. The Squirmy is different. It does vibrate, but not from the shaft. The only vibrations on the toy are from the remote stimulator. The Squirmy has two pieces that are connected by a cord. The pieces are the main shaft of the toy with control box and a stimulator on the other end of the cord. It looks a lot like a butt plug and that is how I use it, but it could be used for clitoral stimulation as well. The shaft is clear and purple with beads inside that rotate. I haven’t had a single problem yet with the jamming or slowing during use. That is why the Squirmy is so much better. Usually vibrating and rotating shafts jam up, break, or slow a lot when used dually together in one shaft. There is no vibrations through the Squirmy shaft and so the rotating remains strong and powerful. I was worried that because it didn’t vibrate, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. I did! The rotation of the beads adds so much during play. Not to mention all of the functions. I love my Squirmy.

Photo Courtesy of Amanda

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