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Amanda reviews the LIBERATOR Throe

Photo courtesy of Amanda

I wanted a Liberator Throe from the first moment I saw one. Why? Well because I am a web cam model and let’s just say things can get a little messy from time to time. I love to squirt but I hate the mess afterward. Everything is soaking wet! Well not anymore, it is simply a throe away!

The Liberator Throe is available in different colors and this nice Safari patter. I love all animal print so of course I went with the Safari Throe. I bought it from Eden Fantasys Sex Toys Shop for $84.99. Of course, that is a bit much for what appears to be just a decorative blanket, but that is where others are mistaken. The Liberator throe has done so much for me. It prevents staining, changing my sheets three times a day, and messes period. I love mine and I use it all the time. And in my opinion it was worth every penny.

Material: Plush / Satin (material information available from Eden Fantasys Sex Toy Shop)
Color: Tiger / Black
Size: Length 60″ Width 54″ Weight 4 lb
Machine Wash and Low Heat Dry

Photo courtesy of Amanda

The Liberator Throe comes in a clear plastic box with a cardboard insert that has some basic information about the throe.  It tells us how to clean it, what size it is, and some nice little erotic sayings on it. Not too detailed, but enough for me. Of course the product basically describes itself; it’s a blanket that keeps liquids or fluids off the bed, floor, a chair, or where ever you might land. I suppose you can use the originally packaging to store it in, but I prefer to fold it up and set it on the nightstand or on the end of our bed. But I did save the packaging because I like it cause it is a nice clear package that I could use for something else in the future.

The throe is not soft by any means. The materials are plush and satin. The plush side is the animal print but it doesn’t really feel plush per say. It is a little rougher microfiber feeling material. It looks pretty but it doesn’t function as a throe blanket to snuggle under. I’d hoped that I would be able to use it that way as well especially for the price, but I am still glad I have something that cleans up my messes for me. It works for me but is still something that others may want to consider when purchasing it. The satin side is silky, not like a sheet, but more like a curtain. The best part, nothing will go through it! Body fluids, oils, lubricants, water, etc. It’s not getting through the throe. Everything just kind of sits on top of the throe and doesn’t go anywhere. This is good because it keeps all fluids off of whatever I am laying on, but if you are like me a squirt producing a lot of fluid, after one good mess I have to throw it in the wash. This is obviously because it never absorbs and I guess I could let it dry and then use it again, but personally I like everything clean and fresh. So I use it and then wash it. It dries really fast too so I don’t have to wait a long time to use it again. I have washed it over and over again and it still looks brand new. The animal print nor the black satin have faded yet. I am really happy with it. It’s comfortable enough to have some fun on without making a huge mess on my bed, furniture, or floor. I like it. If I could change one thing it would be making the plush side more comfortable to maybe cover up with.

product picture
Throw by Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear
Material: Plush / Satin

If you would like to read more reviews by Amanda please visit her blog.


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